Originally from Yerevan in Armenia, Garen Bedrossian received his artistic training at the Fine Arts Institute of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), where the emphsais was on "social realism." Desiring to free himself from the ideological and political constraints prevalent at the time, he chose to emigrate to Canada in 1987 and established residence in Montreal where he resumed his artistic endeavors. Bedrossian's education provided him with considerable theoretical and practical resources. He makes full use of them in the elaboration of his work. One must also bear in mind the artist's Armenian ancestry, as he cannot but carry within himself traces of his people's tragic history.

Bedrossian is a figurative artist with an expressionist bend. The theme of his art is man, or rather mankind. The main body of his current works consists of poetic images and sculptural situations where a person's uniqueness is challenged by his quest for identity or social belonging. Next to these highly dramatic works, Bedrossian has produced a number of sculptures on the theme of flight, done in a more playful way. On top of vertical steel circles, a naked man, his arms spread wide, is airborne like a bird. These works of a dreamlike nature are shaped in a transparent and seductive aesthetic mode.

In his paintings, Bedrossian gives poetic significance to what is essentially an abstract structure. The deeply felt psychological statements permeating his creative production are Bedrossian's significant contribution to the domain of contemporary art.